Mother’s Day Giveaway

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How many times have I heard a mother saying ‘Children are the priority, photograph them first’? Too many. There will be time, when your children will look for a picture of YOU. YOU as the most important woman in their lives.  YOU as a woman YOU spend the most time with.  There is no better […]


A day in the life

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My journey to photography started by falling in love with documentary family photography and ‘A day in the life’ sessions. Especially when I had a few perfect little models running around and a titanic willingness to record their daily progress so I have memories of it all… ‘A day in the life’ photo session… what […]


Happily ever after

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I love watching ‘Happily ever afters’… Even better when they end with cozy weddings and happy children running around! Those two went a long path together, side by side. And it felt like even the sun is cooperating for the day to go special… I cheer for you two!.. And ‘Happily ever afters’!… Love,