A day in the life

My journey to photography started by falling in love with documentary family photography and ‘A day in the life’ sessions. Especially when I had a few perfect little models running around and a titanic willingness to record their daily progress so I have memories of it all…

‘A day in the life’ photo session… what is it?

It is a day length documentary photo essay about your life. 

It is a candid, real life storytelling session breaking out of the box, going further than the regular session. 

It’s a chance to really have your story documented and told visually, capturing all those ordinary lovely little moments that you may not even realise happening.

Regular-ness of everyday routines provides a wealth of photographic gems but are easily missed when you are busy raising a family. Morning breakfast, family games, stroll in the neighbourhood park, taking dog for a walk, bubbly bath, bed story time… 

Number of family events are left unscripted. First day at school, first family bike ride, tour for a family pet, annual fishing outing, Christmas eve at grandma’s… It will bring tears to your eyes knowing you have the moments that mean something special to YOU recorded. 

‘A day in the life’… why?

This session is for you if…

… you want to remember how you and your children felt every day, not just how you looked in your Sunday best…  

… you want to capture real, happy, fun photos of you and your family being simply themselves…  

… you want to relax (why not stay in your pyjamas all day?), embrace the chaos and document your imperfectly perfect lives…

… in 20 years, when your children are gone, you want to have some moments to relive. Just a normal day. A day with children.

…you want the future viewer to learn who you were and how you lived rather how you looked. 

Engaged in living our lives sometimes we don’t even realise that our family story is unique… Why don’t take a day to record it? Let me know, I will be happy to do that for you.


A photo story of a family day