I like my friends. how surprising, ha? 

and I might suspect what you are thinking now… ‘no wonder that you like your friends’ or ‘they are your friends and it is natural to like them’? 

but the fact is that even if they were not my friends, even if I had not known them, they would make me turn back when passing on the street. 

my friends are amazing (and those women know who I am talking about). they are extremely smart, witty, gorgeous, stylish woman, thoughtful moms and wives, having carers, interests and hobbies, who can talk about emotions, fears and joys, then switch to shoes, tights and nappies, and then come back to books and politics… I am not even sure how they can make all they do?.. 

I am very, very proud of them and thankful to life for bringing us together. 

in the pictures below – one of the gang, with her beloved husband…

cheers to you, Inga, and all my dear ladies!