about me

this is me, Laura -

a person behind the camera and all the photos.

a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague. a person trying to be a tiny bit better from one day to another.

the primary source of my passion for photography and continuous inspiration are my two beloved kids. eagerness to document their life artistically and capture their childhood moments led me to complete the studies in the Institute of Professional Photography in the UK.

why do I photograph?

for me it all comes down to a person and the story, family and it's life in the perspective of time. newborns change, kids grow, wedding days are gone before you know it,

but the photographs remain.

photography is a way to stop time, hold the moment.

my vision is my give to people. I want the people to see how beautiful they are,

how much they love and are loved.

a few things about me


“if I had to name a person to thank for the passion for photography… that would be my dad.
he and his dad photographed for multiple years.
I tend to believe that my passion for photography is inherited.”

01 / 05
A camera is an amazing tool. A little black box between me and the world to translate what I see with my eye and feel in my soul. Can we even capture what we feel in a photograph? I will never stop trying. I'm not sure if I chose photography or if photography chose me. But how do I feel? I feel lucky every day.

David Alan Harvey

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