bridal morning for me is one of the favourite parts of the wedding day to photograph. 

I love this festive excitement and goose bumps traveling the body before the grand part of the day starts… 

those mornings can either be spent cosy with parents, hairdressers and make-up artists or in a cheerful companionship of your best friends. anyways, friends are the family we choose for ourselves, right? 

are you thinking about a bridal morning and struggling to decide if one is needed? I would certainly say ‘yes’! this will be a morning to remember for long, so why don’t you make it enjoyable for yourself? and it certainly is a time for beautiful photos!

just a few tips from the photographer’s perspective to make this time visually pleasing:

  • get together with your family or friends in some place you truly like, be it a hotel, the best room in your house or maybe even the dress rental? some dress rentals have amazing interiors, maybe worth considering and talking to the managers?
  • I would always recommend a place with bigger windows. light would benefit for getting beautiful photos and your mood in general… the lighter, the better!
  • consider the size of the room and how many people are invited. preparation somehow always ends with a messy rush, make sure you have some ‘mess-free’ corner for photos.
  • beauty hides in details… Think through what you and your companions are going to wear, items you use, decorations… a simple colour coordination will make everything look very different.

and most important – this day will go faster than you think, so enjoy the process, emotions and all that it brings!