I am so excited to get back to work!

the COVID-19 crisis and confinement has impacted us all and I truly hope this message finds you healthy. 

it has been confirmed that photographers can start operating again from May 11th, 2020.

it was sad postponing everything that was planned, but I was really excited to learn that photographers can start working again. I was carefully respecting Health Administration's orders by closing down the business and staying home to help flatten the curve. 

if you have already booked a session with me before September 1st, you can assume that it will happen without any need to reschedule. otherwise, I will inform you personally. 

while we all hope that autumn comes and goes without a spike in COVID, I encourage autumn bookings to consider taking a summer spot –  just to ensure you get photos for holiday cards or your family captured this year! if you don’t want to reschedule, that is okay! let’s keep fingers crossed that autumn comes and goes without any interruptions. 

SAFETY is my NUMBER ONE priority!

here is what I do to make sure you stay healthy:

  • I will be wearing a mask to all outdoor Photography Sessions and a mask AND gloves to all indoor photography sessions. 
  • I will not take any chances with health and reschedule if me or anyone in my household has been sick in any way within two weeks of your session date. I ask that you do the same. I promise to make room in my schedule for all rescheduling needs. 
  • I will practice extreme hand hygiene and minimize touching you during the session. 
  • I will use lenses that provide flexibility to stay 2 meters away and still capture images that seem like I am closer. 
  • I will only do one photo session a day. 

photography is an experience and investment into your family’s legacy. it is an absolute privilege to be able to capture pictures of you and I do not take that privilege for granted. ESPECIALLY after this crisis which very well reminded that the most important is our loved ones.

click here to contact me for bookings!

I can’t wait to see you in front of my camera!