hi, I am Laura

Luxembourg Wedding and family photographer since 2014

graduate of the Institute of Professional Photography (UK)

with an eye for candid lifestyle photography, I am always searching for genuine emotions, real moments and authentic details that tell visual stories about life and people in front of me.

my photos are always wrapped around a person. being a hopeless romantic, I always aim to reveal the unique beauty of the true-self either on the most exciting or an ordinary day of life.

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what are my photos like?

“people in my photos look at each other rather than the camera. they do not always smile. their hair might be messed up by the wind or children.
and that’s the feel of the moment I love!

my goal is to mirror you, your family, your emotional journey through the wedding or the pace of a casual day with a subtle hint of romance. who and how you are will define the style and energy of the photos.

I do not take the photos, I feel and live them.
and I really love what I do!”

emotion is my photography muse. 

a true emotion in an imperfectly perfect moment.

perhaps even clumsily composed, not really sharp or correctly focused.

but a non-pretended emotion that happens in an unstaged real life.

what are my photo sessions like?

do not worry if you have never had a photo session before! I am here to help, encourage and guide.

instead of awkward and strange poses we will hug, run, kiss, embrace, play, tickle, snuggle, joke... and repeat all of that again!

I believe that the cosiest photographs are the ones where everyone is engaged with each other. and in most cases, these are the sweetest and the most cherished ones because they depict your relationship and connection.

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